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PII Bulletin Board Join the fun and share information about resources for PhotoImpact. Along with the Animation Forum, there are Shape of the Week, Weekly Image Fun and many more.

VAA sites Free webspace for Beginners Workshop Graduates and PI-I Supporters.

Learn Ulead Gif Animator 5 at the Visual Arts Academy

Learn GIF Animator 5! Course offered at the Visual Arts Academy. Sign up today!

Visual Arts Academy

Learn PhotoImpact in a structured, yet relaxed atmosphere. Courses are being offered at the Visual Arts Academy. Enroll now!


PhotoImpact 8     Ulead GIF Animator 5

Ulead PhotoImpact and GIF Animator 5. You'll find tutorials at Ulead for PhotoImpact and GIF Animator.


Photoimpact Solutions     Photoimpact Resource Kit CD

Jason Dunn's Photoimpact Solutions book and PI6 Resource kit are available at Muska & Lipman. Photo Solutions is a complete guide for PhotoImpact 6. It covers creating gif animations and has a complete chapter on the GIF Animator 4.0.

PhotoImpact 7 Power

Jason Dunn and James Rodel's PhotoImpact 7 Power! The first book published on PhotoImpact 7 which gives a complete guide to PhotoImpact 7. A complete guide to PhotoImpact 7, covers Web graphics, Web development, print applications, and presentations. Learn how to use the latest features in version 7 and become a true power user. The print edition includes 16 full-color pages that show you the range PhotoImpact and your creativity can take you. Technically edited by Ulead. Muska and Lipman Publishing.

need free animations? Need free animations? You'll find free animations for use on your personal home pages.

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