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Animation Within Text - By MrMinster


Software: Ulead GIF Animator 5
Author:  MrMinster
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Skill Level:  Intermediate

Note:  Fill any text with an animation for a spectacular effect

Animation Within Text

It is important that the animation you use for this effect has a background and that the total size of it is big enough to fully enclose your desired text.

For this particular animation, start off by saving the butterfly animation below and open it in GIF Animator 5.

butterfly animation

The animation consists of ten frames. Highlight Frame 10 and "Add Frame" (Frame/Add Frame or the shortcut icon underneath your frames).

In Frame 11 type in any text you like making sure it fits within the canvas which is 250x75. For this tutorial the font "Genuine" is being used, size 98. Center the text within the canvas.

Add Frame and Text

Using the Magic Wand, click on a transparent area outside the text. Hold down the Shift Key and click inside the A to remove the "triangle" within the letter.

Magic Wand

Highlight Frame 1 and while holding down the Shift Key click on Frame 10. All frames should be highlighted except the frame with your text.

While all the frames are highlighted, go to the Object Manager and highlight all of the butterflies. Highlight Object 10 and while holding down the Shift Key click on Object 1. All of the butterflies should now be highlighted.

Make sure you have Frames 1-10 and all of the butterflies highlighted. Go to Edit/Make Selection Area Transparent. Highlight Frame 11 and delete it.

Make Selected Areas Transparent

Now view your animation! :)


If you have extra space you can crop away any excess space or resize the canvas. The butterfly animation canvas size is 250x75. The animation within the text is 182x73 (if you've used the same font and font size). Reduce the canvas size by going to Edit/Canvas Size and put in 182 for the width and 73 for the height. Make sure "Align Center" is chosen in the "by position" box.

Save your animation. This animation was saved with the Optimization Wizard/LineArt 64.

This tutorial is copyright MrMinster 11/21/04.
This document may not be translated, duplicated, redistributed or otherwise appropriated.

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